About Us

Originally from Kerrville, Texas, Parker has always had a passion for the perfectly curated life. Having grown up being particular about the clothes he chose for himself (he was voted "best dressed" throughout his grade school years), Parker quickly realized that his eye for curation prompted him to help people feel beautiful—both in your closet and throughout your home! He noticed the joy that one found in simply creating a look, style, or even a feeling for someone else. 
After working in interior design and women's fashion since graduating from Ole Miss, Parker's passion remains the same, which is what brings us to Piqué by Parker Kennedy. The French word meaning "stitched" or "quilted" symbolizes the ways by which we all connect and piece together our own individual styles. To bring the beautiful things in our lives together for one, cohesive curation is what Piqué by Parker Kennedy stands to achieve. We are here to continually bring you one step closer to the curated life!

Our Mission:

Piqué by Parker Kennedy provides personal curation of your life—from your home to your wardrobe to your shopping experience.

Our Vision:

Our hope when you shop at Piqué by Parker Kennedy is that you can find a price point that will either begin or continue your journey to "chic!" 

Our Values:

We believe that everyone has the power to achieve personal style and curation. 
We believe that curating your life is something that will bring you joy.
We believe that all wardrobes, all homes, and all lives deserve to be curated.